Senior Communication and Campaign Officer

Job Title: Senior Communication and Campaign Officer

Department: Campaign

Job Family: Program

Reports to: Campaign Manager

Job Grade: BG-9

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Direct Reports: Communication and Campaign Officer (1 position)


Job Role

Role Overview:

The Senior Communication and Campaign Officer at Amnesty International Thailand (AITH) serves as a pivotal figure in orchestrating comprehensive communication and campaign strategies, ensuring the effective dissemination of human rights advocacy messages. This role operates at a senior level, leading a team of Communication and Campaign Officers while collaborating closely with the Campaign Manager and various departments to drive impactful campaigns. The incumbent oversees the planning, execution, and evaluation of both offline and online campaigns, setting the tone for communication initiatives, and fostering relationships with internal and external stakeholders. This position plays a critical role in advancing AITH's mission by initiating all communication related to campaigns and ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.



Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

Strategic Planning and Leadership

Key Activities

  • Spearhead the development of holistic communication and campaign strategies, aligning them with AITH's overarching goals and vision.
  • Lead the formulation of comprehensive content strategies, utilizing creative storytelling techniques to amplify human rights campaigns.
  • Provide direction and mentorship to the Communication and Campaign team, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.
  • Conduct regular field visits to project sites, facilitating the efficient dissemination of information and gathering insights for strategic planning.

Communication Development

Key Activities

  • Create high-quality and impactful communication materials, including web content, blogs, op-eds, and multimedia content for various platforms.
  • Lead the creation of public statements and speeches for directors, ensuring clarity, coherence, and alignment with organizational messaging.
  • Design and implement documentation strategies for campaign materials, curating stories of change and testimonies to enhance engagement.
  • Ensure the consistency of Amnesty terminology and the line of response across all communication channels, collaborating with stakeholders to maintain messaging integrity.

Coordination and Collaboration

Key Activities

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Public Campaign, Policy Advocacy, Digital Fundraising, and PR, to execute communication strategies effectively.
  • Foster collaboration with national and international NGOs, government agencies, and other external partners to amplify campaign reach and impact.
  • Contribute to the development of regional strategies and plans, providing input into discussions on organizational issues to enhance effectiveness.

Resource Management and Administrative

Key Activities

  • Oversee the allocation of financial and other resources for the Communication and Campaign team, adhering to organizational guidelines.
  • Support in the recruitment and induction of new staff, ensuring the team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive campaign objectives.
  • Perform administrative tasks as required to facilitate efficient operations and enhance the effectiveness of AITH's mission.


Key Relationships to Reach Solutions

Internal (to Amnesty or team)

  • Campaign Team
  • Growth Mobilization team
  • PR and Communication team
  • Office support team


  • Activists, rights holders, Organizing communities.
  • Media officers and Media Agencies
  • Partner Organisations
  • Government Agencies
  • International Secretariat


Person Specification

Education & certifications

  • Bachelor's degree in communication, Public Relations, Journalism, or a related field. Master's degree preferred.

Essential experience

  • Experience in strategic campaigning or strategic change management, focusing on influencing duty-bearers within the development sector, social movements, or community organizing.
  • Experience in collaborative team environments, adept at coordinating and integrating efforts with both internal teams and external partners.

Essential knowledge

  • Comprehensive understanding of human rights advocacy principles and methodologies, particularly in the context of campaigning and communication strategies.
  • In-depth knowledge of the political, social, and cultural landscape in Thailand, including key stakeholders, influencers, and current issues affecting human rights.
  • Familiarity with digital communication tools and platforms, with the ability to leverage technology for effective campaign outreach and engagement.
  • Understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles, including the application of these concepts in campaign development and execution.

Essential skills and abilities

  • Exceptional communication skills, encompassing the ability to craft compelling messages tailored to diverse audiences and platforms.
  • Proficiency in project management, demonstrated by the capability to plan, coordinate, and monitor campaign activities effectively.
  • Fluency in both written and spoken Thai and English languages, enabling clear and impactful communication across various channels.
  • Strong leadership abilities, empowering team members and stakeholders to actively contribute to campaign goals and objectives.
  • Persuasive influencing skills, adept at garnering support and engagement from internal and external partners for campaign initiatives.
  • Strategic thinking capabilities, allowing for the analysis of complex environments and the development of innovative campaign approaches.
  • Collaborative mindset, fostering teamwork and cooperation across multidisciplinary teams and diverse backgrounds.

Personal attributes and qualities

  • Self-driven and proactive approach to work, demonstrating initiative and accountability in the pursuit of campaign objectives.
  • Commitment to integrity and ethical conduct, aligning actions with organizational values and principles.
  • Mature and decisive decision-making skills, capable of navigating challenges and complexities with resilience.
  • Passionate dedication to advancing human rights issues, coupled with a deep understanding of and commitment to Amnesty International's mission and vision.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure, maintaining attention to detail and focus amidst competing priorities.
  • Adaptive and flexible mindset, embracing change and innovation in response to evolving campaign landscapes.


This Job Description covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the tasks anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs.
It is part of every staff member's responsibility to contribute to AITH and the mission and comply to its values, which are: Mutual respect, Equity and justice, Honesty and transparency, Solidarity with the poor, Courage of conviction, Independence, Humility


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