Brand Strategy & Communication Strategy Review

I. Background

Amnesty International is a movement of more than 13 million people which mobilizes the humanity in everyone and campaigns for change so we can all enjoy our human rights. Last year alone in Asia the movement reached over 2.6 million people through its Human Rights Education (HRE) programme. Over 60 % reached were women and girls and about 84% were young people.

Amnesty International was founded in 1961, helping people claim their rights across the world. This was followed by establishing national entities across the globe. Amnesty International Thailand was established in 1993 and registered legally with the Thai Government ten years later in 2003 as an association. Their headquarters are in Chatuchak, Bangkok.

Amnesty International Thailand did brand strategy in 2018. Since then it has been 5 years, it is necessary to revise and check on the brand strategy due to the change of time, human rights understanding, trend of the market and how to reach audience effectively.


II. Objectives

The objectives of conducting the Brand Strategy Health Check:

  • Conduct analysis of primary stakeholders (internal and external) and a representative audience to determine perceptions on the AMNESTY THAILAND’s identity, mandate etc., and submit a findings summary, and trend analysis
  • Examine existing print and digital branded materials (logo, PowerPoint template, forms, publications, letterheads, business cards etc.) to determine what explicit and implicit messages are being sent.
  • Develop a brand identity (including and not limited to: brand mission, vision, values, slogan/tagline, personality, value proposition, brand positioning etc.) and communication strategy considering AMNESTY THAILAND’s mandate, stakeholders and audience.
  • Propose a visual identity for AMNESTY THAILAND and create a brand book and visual identity standard manual that governs the use of the identity.
  • Design and layout of publications and communication information materials:
    • Conceptualize, design and layout the AMNESTY THAILAND publications and communication information materials for printing and electronic distribution
    • Improve and edit artworks, photos, charts and other graphic elements in the materials
    • Make design adjustments as proposed by AMNESTY THAILAND Conduct training sessions for staff and key stakeholders on the brand book and visual identity standard manual that governs the use of AMNESTY THAILAND’s identity and how to best project the brand, mission, vision, values and mandate across all communication (written, printed, or digital)
    • Create (design, develop, test, implement and manage) a standalone website for the AMNESTY THAILAND. Associated social media set up and management should also be included (for example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok)
    • Provide content management for the website; social media; press releases, and associated media including television or radio 


III. Scope of the Assignment and Outputs

Branding and Communication Strategy (with bilingual outputs to be agreed)

  • Findings summary and brand strategy document
  • Print and digital collateral mock-ups (including brochures, letterhead, business cards, PowerPoint template, annual report, brand book conference materials including banners.)
  • Brand launch strategy and guidelines.
  • Visual Identity with files saved in EPS format
  • Brand Book and Visual Identity Standards Manual
  • Stakeholders and staff training materials.
  • Graphic Design elements: at least 2 preliminary layouts for discussion with AMNESTY THAILAND; electronic files for printing and for web-based publishing; and source files of the final products.

Challenges that Amnesty International may face and provide the lists of key opportunities.


IV. Deliverables

A report produced based on the following aspects covering Section III above under scope of the assignment:

  • A comprehensive report of brand strategy based on review of existing brand strategy of year 2018 and update of trend of current dates.
  • Justification (feasibility) and recommendation for target group and how to reach them.
  • Debriefing/presenting the report to the Management of Amnesty International Thailand.


V. Organization Experience and Competencies

  • Demonstrable prior experience in brand strategy.
  • At least ten years’ experience in carrying out market research,
  • Organizations must include the following information in their submission under the appropriate letter-headings identified below: 
  1. Organization: Description of organizational capability, size, general reputation, experience in branding and communication strategies, graphic and web design, and content management.
  2. References: As references, kindly provide information indicating the nature of previous similar projects, the value of the associated contracts, the duration, and client contact information.
  3. Methodology: Understanding of the task objective, including project working approach and methodology, and proposed timeline for required project outputs.
  4. Availability: Confirm that the named personnel are available to commence work immediately.
  5. Pricing: The contract will be awarded on a lump sum/fixed cost basis. The submission should include the bid amount (in THB) for undertaking the work .


VI. Supervision

The Consultant will be expected to be self-motivated and able to work independently. Supervision and support will be provided by Amnesty International’s Director and Senior Management Team of Amnesty Thailand who will also provide a general induction to the work, relevant background documents/ links to the organization.


VII. Payment Terms

  • First instalment of 25% to be paid upon signing of contract,
  • Second instalment of 50% to be paid upon submission of the first draft.
  • Third instalment of 25 to be paid upon the submission and satisfaction of
  1. A high-quality, comprehensive report
  2. A high-quality presentation to senior management team of Amnesty International Thailand.


VIII. Timeline

The proposed assignment to commence on the 15 September 2023 and end on 15 October 2023


IX. Submission of proposals

Interested candidates who fully meet the above criteria are invited to send their applications via email to

  • An update Company profile and/or Curriculum Vitae (with references),
  • Cover letter (indicating interest and past experiences from similar projects),
  • A financial proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs for each task or element in the ToR. (not exceeding 2 pages).

Applications should be submitted on or before 31 August 2023 at 5:00 p.m. (IST). The subject of the email should be 'Brand Strategy Consultancy'.