COP26 Climate Conference: Amnesty International’s Secretary General Agnes Callamard available for interview

5 November 2021

Amnesty International Thailand

Agnes Callamard will be attending COP26 in Glasgow from the 8-10 November

Amnesty International’s Secretary General Agnes Callamard will be attending the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, where she will be urging leaders to deliver bold action commensurate with the scale of the crisis before us, to prevent further loss of life and other human rights violations.

Agnes Callamard said: “The climate emergency is a human rights crisis of catastrophic proportions, and our leaders need to wake up and start acting like it. There has been a lot of noise, easy promises and symbolic gestures from world leaders on climate change, but no effective action. Many countries have failed to meet even existing commitments to submit updated pledges to reduce emissions. 

“We don’t have the luxury of time for missed deadlines or political posturing. This year alone we’ve seen massive rainfall in Indonesia and Germany, scorching temperatures from Canada to Pakistan, and devastating drought in Madagascar - each calamity a warning bell that calls for ever bolder action. As the climate crisis intensifies with every passing day, so do the losses to our human rights. Lives are being lost, and our rights to health, adequate housing, food, water, sanitation, and many more, are threatened. 

“World leaders must take concrete action to collectively reach zero emissions before or by 2050, which means cutting carbon emissions by at least 45% from 2010 levels by 2030. Wealthier countries, which are among the world’s biggest emitters, have the obligation to reduce emissions faster and to help poorer countries that are paying the ultimate price for the climate fallout. This starts with providing additional aid and funding to support those countries.

“As countries enter these pivotal negotiations, they have the weight of humanity’s future resting on their shoulders. But they also have the vast collective will of communities around the world urging them on to take fair and rapid action in saving and sustaining our planet. Let’s hope our leaders are not found wanting.”

Amnesty International is calling on all countries to:                                  

· Commit to ambitious and human rights-consistent targets to reduce emissions in order to keep us under a 1.5°C rise in global temperature;

· Commit to rapidly phasing out fossil fuels rather than relying on offsetting measures that delay climate action and may negatively impact on human rights;

· Put in place a global mechanism to support people whose rights have been affected, with wealthy governments paying for the costs through new and additional funding which is not subject to repayment;

· Adopt adequate measures to ensure the rights of all to information and participation are guaranteed in climate-related decision-making at all levels.