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Helps protect and promote children’s rights with Child in Mob Project

'Child in Mob’ is a group of volunteers stationed around protests and mobilizations. Our works compliment overall missions under ‘Child in Protest’ project with collaborations from civil society organizations namely Amnesty International Thailand, Child Line, Hing Hoi Noi Volunteer Group, Full Yin Women Wellbeing Center, independent psychologists, volunteers, and child rights workers. The project’s objectives are to deliver emergency responses, safeguard, and support the creation of safe space for young children under 18-year-old for them to freely exercise their rights to expression and peaceful assembly.

How your donation helps protect and promote children’s rights to exercise their freedom?

From mid-2020, Mob Data Thailand had documented more than 779 political mobilizations around Thailand. From our field observations, children were also protestors and the number of them participating and leading mobilizations had been increasing both inside and outside schools.

In 2020’s street mobilizations, the Thai authorities led at least five crackdowns. There were confrontations between protestors and officers. Criminal lawsuits were also filed against vocal children (17 February 2021 - 10 of them were charged in 18 lawsuits). These circumstances heavily affect children engaging in protests at school and on the street. With reports of harassments, physical and mental abuses, Child in Mob volunteers started monitoring, identifying children in protest sites with their consent, and informing both children and other protestors about the project. Child in Mob works with the below guideline:

  • Identifying children under 15 and 18 with their consent and tagged them with ‘Child in Mob’ symbol as a way to safeguard their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

  • Informing children, authorities, and protestors the rights of children in protests and to provide safe environment for them.

  • Our 'Child in Mob' volunteers are those who want to protect children’s rights and rights to freedom of expression. Before our fieldworks, volunteers will receive training, guideline manual and protection gears. Prior to every mission, preparation briefing will be provided to ensure understanding on security and communication.


100% of your donation is used for protect and promote children’s rights.

Your donation helps:

  • Helps purchase wristbands to identify children in protests. The wristband functions not only to identify children but also notify other adults nearby to protect them, for example, media must be cautious not to take and publish photos of those under 18-year-old as well as to safeguard them from sexual and other kinds of harassment on protest sites.
  • Helps contribute to the publication of volunteer’s guideline manuals. The volunteer works could not effectively exercise without clear guideline as protecting children’s rights required additional protocols from other human rights works.
  • Helps sponsor the publication of Child Rights Defenders booklets. The booklet provides working protocols on child rights including on freedom of expression.
  • Helps uplift volunteers’ welfare and increase our presence. Our volunteers’ works extend from 3-12 hours. Child in Mob does not operate only in Bangkok metropolitan area but we are expanding our network to provinces.
  • Helps procure safety gears including caps, Child in Mob’s vest, gas protection masks, as well as first aid kit.
  • Helps purchase insurance to alleviate risks and accidents associated with our volunteer works on protest setting.


For inquiries, please contact 
Email: naritha.p@amnesty.or.th
Phone: 02513 8745 # 14

Facebook: Child in Mob  


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