Amnesty – Thai Net – iLaw Request the Cabinet
to Reveal the Draft of Cyber Security Law

26 February 2016


Amnesty and its alliances submitted the letter to request the Council of Ministers to reveal the 3 drafts of law concerning the cyber security, as well as keeping an eye on the draft bill to be in compliance with the international standards.


Amnesty International Thailand, Thai Netizen Network and iLaw Project jointly submitted the letter to the Council of Ministers on 23rd February 2016. The letter stated that the 3 organizations have jointly campaigned to raise the awareness of liberty and rights of the people on the internet and followed up the progress of the draft of Cyber Security Act B.E. …………. and the draft of other relevant acts to ensure that the content in such acts is in compliance with the international standards on human rights and surveillance and the report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on rights to privacy in the digital age.


The reason for submitting the letter is because the drafts of the aforementioned law are awaiting the resolution from the Council of Ministers and have not been disclosed to the public. Therefore, the 3 organizations wish to receive the copies of the drafts of the following laws:

            Draft of Cyber Security Act B.E. …………..

            Draft of Act on Computer-Related Offenses (No. ………) B.E. …………..

            Draft of Personal Data Protection Act B.E. ………………..


However, Amnesty International Thailand, Foundation for Internet and Civic Culture and iLaw Project have been following up the human rights situations, and the aforementioned drafts will be implemented to generate understanding according to the objectives of the persons who proposed the drafts to the public.