Amnesty International Thailand and Malongdu Theatre organize a performance to show solidarity with the demonstrators in Hong Kong

18 September 2019

Amnesty International Thailand

Today (18 September 2019), Amnesty International Thailand and Malongdu Theatre are organizing a short theatrical play to show solidarity with the demonstrators in Hong Kong. Entitled “A Hand for HK: The Street Performance”, the event cum performance takes place in the space in front of the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Pathumwan, Bangkok. Members of the public are invited to write a message to show solidarity with the people in Hong Kong and to assert that the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association are fundamental rights to which people are entitled regardless where they live.


Mr. Sornchai Chatwiriyachai, founder of Malongdu reveals that the group is a gathering of people with theatrical skills who are interested in theatrical performances. Until now, the group has collaborated with activists to raise public awareness and to get them engaged in social activism. It is an attempt to use art to convey messages that help to bring about social transformation.


A Hand for HK is quite a challenge since Thai people may find the issue far removed from their own lives. They may either be indifferent to the cause or even show hostility toward it. Our dismissive view and criticism of the civic movement in Hong Kong could be comparable to the contempt shown toward activism in Thailand. It is important to offer mutual support and trust toward our friends who are working for the public good.


“By denying people in Hong Kong the right to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association, we are also rejecting political activism by the people in Thailand and the world. It is a fundamental right to which everyone in every country is entitled.”


Ms. Piyanut Kotsan, Director of Amnesty International Thailand, revealed that even though Amnesty International is pleased with the formal withdrawal of the “Extradition Law Amendment Bill” which initially prompted the mass protests of Hong Kongers, we have to admit that during the public demonstrations over the past two months, the Hong Kong authorities have periodically used violence to suppress the demonstrations.


“Amnesty International has been monitoring the demonstrations in Hong Kong and found it extremely pertinent that a comprehensive and independent investigation be conducted into the excessive and unnecessary use of force by the police during the unrest. We continue to call on every government to suspend transfers of less lethal ‘crowd control’ equipment to Hong Kong until a full investigation is carried out and adequate safeguards are put in place.

In addition, we demand the Hong Kong authorities show their conviction to protecting human rights and ensure Hong Kongers that they shall be able to exercise their rights regardless of their political opinions”

said the Director of Amnesty Thailand.