Amnesty Thailand's press conference on the results of the 2023 Media for Human Rights Awards

19 February 2024

Amnesty International Thailand

On 16 February 2024, Amnesty International Thailand organized an event to make the announcement and offer the 2023 Media for Human Rights Awards at Barn meeting room, 1st floor, Best Western Chatuchak Hotel, Bangkok. 

The awards are divided into outstanding media on human rights in the category of online news and feature stories, broadcast news and feature stories, news and feature stories via TV shows, news and feature stories via online video clips, and photos on the theme of “human rights.”

Puttanee Kangkun, Chairperson of Amnesty International Thailand, said that: like “candle light”, media can shine light to enable people in society to be aware of human rights and to encourage people to nurture their mutual respect. It is therefore important to appreciate the role of the media and to give moral support for those who work so hard to bring us news from the perspective that respects, protects and fulfills human rights. Hence, the ceremony today to offer the Media for Human Rights Awards.

While Thailand gets entangled in the polarization of thoughts, ‘media’ is instrumental to draw out truths, their comprehensive and impartial representation by adhering to their media ethics. Until now, Amnesty International continues to demand that every sector respect the performance of duties of media to ensure everyone has freedom of expression, being free from intimidation and receiving the most proper protection. We need to ensure human rights are a matter that concerns everyone. 

According to Amnesty's Chair, the jury of the 2023 Media for Human Rights Awards is composed of experts from mass media and human rights. They have made their decisions on the awardees as follows;


Honorable mention in the category of online news and feature stories including seven awards;

● Title “Modern Hmong Girls using TikTok to share their grief from hard working after marriage” Prachatai

● Title “Why is ‘union’ still a ‘taboo’ in the Thai media industry?” HaRDstories

● Title “From Myanmar to Thailand: ‘LGBTQ migrant workers’ still vulnerable when the country of origin and factories are not safe” Prachatai

● Title “Traffickers escape justice over borders as victims go punished at home” Coconuts Bangkok

● Title “‘Presume guilty’: The permanent exceptionalism for political convict” The

● Title “'Before we can study': How tough Thailand-Myanmar border children have to go through”  Prachatai

● Title “Janepreeya Champeehom, in to the bitter of berry” The Isaan Record


Outstanding award in the category of news and feature stories via TV media (not longer than 20 minutes) including, two awards;

● Title “Stop the lawfare by the rule of law and amnesty” Workpoint TV

(Episode 1)

(Episode 2)

(Episode 3)

(Episode 4)

● Title “A threat against activists in ASEAN” ThaiPBSWorld

(Episode 1)

(Episode 2)

(Episode 3)

(Episode 4)

(Episode 5)


Honorable mention in the category of news and feature stories via TV media (not longer than 20 minutes) including, one award;  

● Title “‘Yuam water diversion dam’: Effect the livelihood in Salween River” OneNews

(Episode 1)

(Episode 2)


Honorable mention in the category of news and feature stories via TV show (not longer than 60 minutes) including, two awards;  

● Title “ALONE: The last getting older railway” “Thai Commoners”, Thai PBS

● Title “Expose overlapping land dispute ‘Si Thep Historical Park’”, “Tua Ching Sanam Khao”, Nation TV


Outstanding award in the category of news and feature stories via online clip video, one award

● Title “Digital harassment – Silent Pain: The deep wounds of activists from the virtual world attack” The


Honorable mention in the category of news and feature stories via online clip video, four awards;

● Title “Bad Students in so good society”, Thairath Plus

● Title “The Mother’s gloomy World”, BrandThink

● Title “Ain’t This Deserve Bail Rights?”, Prachatai

● Title “Elephant overcrowded-People die: The outcries from the eastern forests”, VOICE


1st Prize: on photography on the theme of “human rights”;

● Title " ‘Hire Me': Homeless, But Not Jobless", by Patiphat Chanthon, VOICE

2nd Prize;

● Title "Old age, sickness, and poverty: Real life and hope for the new government”, Arnun Chonmahatrakool

3rd Prize;

● Title "No Man’s Land by Moei River", Methichai Tiawna, The

Honorable mention for seven awards;

● Title "Stuck at Ang Kaew", Kotcharak Kaewsurat,

● Title “’Uncle Boo', a hero who built the society against drug problem in Nong Khaem district’s garbage community” by Somsak Netthong, PPTV HD 36

● Title “The last hours of the Chinese Sam Yan Church, the ruins on the stream of development”, by Thanet Saengthongsrikamol  

● Title "The friendship Community by the railway“, by Wannisa Saenin 

● Title "INHUMAN", by Phudyot Wisetsing

● Title " Learning space of migrant children” by Kobboon Burachokwiwat 

● Title " The journey of hope that has yet to arrive at its destination" by Supphasan Kannarong, The Reporters

Puttanee Kangkun further said that this year, a public panel has also been held on “Journalism is not a crime” with speakers including Tewarit Maneechai, Editor in Chief of Prachatai, Piyanut Kotsan, Director of Amnesty International Thailand, and Assistant Professor Dr. Phansasiri Kularb, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University.

To cap off the event, Piyanut Kotsan, Director of Amnesty International Thailand, thanked the media who is the most important guest for today’s event and for their effort to help mobilize and as a medium to advocate for the defending of human rights and to ensure correction understanding of the public in the past and in the future.  She reiterates to the Thai authorities that “journalism is not a crime” and demands that press freedom be respected and an assurance is given to protect journalists from intimidation and harassment. An effort should be made to adhere to the rule of law and fair legal enforcement and to restore justice for victims of the violations. Amnesty International Thailand vows to stand by the media who perform their duties to expose truths and to bear witness to what happens in society.