8 Things you (might) not know about Amnesty International Thailand

2 April 2020


1. We are politically and financially independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion. That way, we can maintain our independence and impartiality. We only get financial support from membership fee and individual donation.


2. We are flexible on budget allocation bearing in mind the attainment of what necessary for human rights. That is how and why we can respond immediately to human rights emergency around the world.


3. If you are an Amnesty member, then you are human rights supporter. You can join us on the street for the cause of human rights or donate for our works. Remember, the mobilisation of human rights and justice for all could be done in many ways!


4. No matter how big or small, your donation is vital to drive every achievement we made.


5. We use your donation on three major human rights works 1. human rights education 2. public campaign 3. human rights advocacy and policy making


6. Amnesty International Thailand's members have rights to cast a vote or being elected as the Section's Board members in our Annual General Meeting.


7. The membership application is super easy - click here to become a member
Don't wait to be part of our global human rights advocates!


8. Donation could be done at your fingertips too, click here to donate 



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