Amnesty International Thailand's Annual General Meeting 2018

12 April 2018

Amnesty International Thailand's Annual General Meeting 2018: Be BRAVE, Be HEARD, Become VIBRANT AMNESTY.


Read in advance of the #AGM18 :
AGM 2017 Meeting Minutes

ICM 2017 Analysis

Global Governance Transition Overview

We are inviting our members in Thailand to take part in "2018 Annual General Meeting" aka AGM. The meeting will be held on 10 June 2018 at BIG Co-Working Space, Rama 9 Road, Bangkok.

#AGM18 Agenda


Apart from following up our works in the past year and drawing our future together, this AGM you will elect 3 new board members for Amnesty International Thailand, replacing chairperson, board member and 1 new position as youth board member.

The board member election is a crucial part of our good governance and strong participation which make our movement very unique.

*Every voter must have been a member of Amnesty International Thailand for more than 6 months. Other members are very welcome to take part but not allowed to vote.

Check your membership status: call 02-5138754#19 or email

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