Credit - sanjitbakshi

Amnesty Emphasizes to Thailand Not to Forget “Human Rights Activists” Sustainable Development Goals 

18 July 2017


The Thai representative has prepared to propose the report on review of sustainable development to UN. Amnesty emphasized to Thailand not to forget its stance in protecting human rights activists. It further stated that without human rights, sustainability would not ensue.


Amnesty International submitted the letter to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand claiming the Thai authority to keep its stance in protecting human rights activists and promote their operations. On the occasion that Thailand will present the report on Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 at the United Nations (UN)


Amnesty sees the importance of human rights defenders as they play an important role in protecting and promoting human rights of everyone in the society with the aim to free people from fear and discrimination, all of which are the significant factors for Sustainable Development Goals—SDGs of UN.




However, it has been recently found that human rights defenders are being threatened in various forms. There is limited space for social activities, including slandering, intimidation or physically abuse in order to reduce the legitimacy of human rights defenders. Therefore, if there is no protection for human rights defenders, the sustainable development goals set by UN to be achieved in 2030 will not be accomplished.


The representative of the Thai government is scheduled to willingly present the report on review of operations according to Sustainable Development Goals 2030 today (18th July) at High-Level Political Forum held at the United Nations General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council in New York, USA. Thailand is one of the 44 countries to present the report.


Amnesty has encouraged the Thai government to keep its stance regarding the roles, significance and justice of human right defenders, support their operations by promoting the certification process and protection for human rights defenders, cease any form of harassment of human rights defenders, and cease the illegal use of power against human rights defenders.


There are 17 main goals of SDGs which cover the fundamental human rights issues, including social equality, justice, economics, environment and peace. Member countries are obliged to comply and achieve the goals within 2030. Read more information here and watch the live broadcast of this report here.