Amnesty Statement on the attack of Dusit D2 Hotel and Office Complex, Nairobi

17 Febuary 2019

Amnesty International Kenya

Amnesty International Kenya joins other Kenyans and persons of good will around the world in expressing shock and outrage at the attacks that deliberately targeted and caused damage to lives and property at 14 Riverside Drive, Nairobi, this afternoon.


According to media reports, the insurgent group Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attacks. If the intention of the attackers is to intimidate and create fear among Kenyans, this will have the opposite result. Kenyans shall rally as they have done in the past to protect their constitutional rights and freedoms. We urge the security agencies to promptly and effectively arrest, investigate and bring to trial all responsible.


Amnesty International Kenya acknowledges the rapid response of the security agencies and emergency care providers to save lives and evacuate all affected in this attack. Tomorrow, Amnesty International Kenya staff and supporters shall donate blood for those that need it.


We extend to the families of the bereaved, our heartfelt condolences and to the country, our expression of courage, solidarity and calm resolve in this difficult time.


Kenya shall prevail.