Amnesty International Thailand lunches an annual human rights event, "BE MY GUEST"

25 ​May 2019

Amnesty International Thailand

Amnesty International Thailand will launch an annual human rights event, "BE MY GUEST", comprising talks, education activities, an art exhibition, music, film, and performances, inspired by universal human rights at Whiteline, Silom Soi 8, Bangkok. The exhibition will open from 25 May to 2 June this year.


Piyanut Kotsan, Director of Amnesty International Thailand, reveals that "BE MY GUEST" is an invitation for all to be part of the movement for change and a better society. Let’s get to explore an exhibition, artworks, films, theatrical performances, music, workshops, talks and other inspiring activities made possible by the contribution of ordinary persons from various fields. They are here to make an extraordinary change aiming to nurture a society in which the dignity and equality of all human beings are respected.


"We all are born with intrinsic human rights which bring to life freedoms, regardless of our race, religion, and colour. But human rights increasingly face unprecedented challenges. Grotesque accusations have been made that human rights are just “a concept imported from the West”, and that human rights defenders are “naïve activists”, “unpatriotic scum”. Anyone who offers dissenting views is often urged to seek asylum abroad; activists are told to mind their own business and take refugees to live in their own homes. So, Amnesty International wants to invite you to explore human rights from another creative perspective and to learn about various dimensions of rights by joining this event. Let’s be part of the movement of ordinary persons to make possible a better society.”


Amnesty International has been at the forefront of human rights campaigns for 58 years. Even though the world is plagued with violence, injustice, and exploitation, day in day out, Amnesty International continues to work to bring about change and to inspire people to work toward a desirable world. We are guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), a charter drafted by the United Nations and signed by all UN member states, including Thailand, who want to set out guidelines to ensure the protection of rights and freedoms of their people.


This is because we believe "all human beings, regardless of who they are and where they are, are entitled to equal human rights." Throughout the nine days of the exhibition, everyone is encouraged to explore inspiring stories about human rights, to wrap their head around issues of refugees and human rights defenders and to explore their own rights as prescribed in UDHR. Let’s be part of the effort to invite all guests to the exhibition to help fellow human beings in many countries whose human rights are being abused.


The event will be inaugurated by a theatrical performance by the "Lan Yim Theatre Troupe" plus a discussion on "How to help build a beautiful world: Inspiring experience from three generations of human rights activists" with speakers Dr. Kovit Wongsurawat, a retired professor, influencer, columnist, and writer; Yingcheep Atchanont, Programme Manager of Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw); and Sirin Mungcharoen, Vice President of the Student Council of Chulalongkorn University.


"BE MY GUEST" will take place from 25 May to 2 June 2019 from noontime until the evening with a series of activities including;


Sunday 26 May 2019 from 13.00-15.00

 "Human Rights Education 101" an introduction to basic human rights education where you will get to explore what human rights are, how many kinds there are, what their values are, what the 30 birthrights are, and how to campaign for human rights internationally through an Adult Learning Approach and Pop-ed Education.



Tuesday 28 May 2019 from 18.00 onward "TOAST TO HUMANITY!

The 58th anniversary of Amnesty International"” Let’s get to toast and celebrate our steadfast campaign for human rights and let’s get engaged in making a beautiful world, let’s hear inspiring words from the three generations of Amnesty members and let’s get lucky with the Lucky Draw during the event.



Thursday 30 May 2019 from 20:30- 21:00

 Let’s watch live performance Vatta (Cycle) - Light of Hope Performance Art by Nui Theeranuch and explore the Vatta, the cyclical change according to Buddhism, including the three elements, Kleshas, Karma and Retribution, all of which are consequential to each other.



Thursday 30 May 2019 from 21:00-22.00

 Live Painting by Panyavee & Cut the Crab (Band) to explore freedom of expression and the right to speak the truth and debate various issues, as well as how to respect and acknowledge each other authentically, a quality which is very rare nowadays.




Friday 31 May 2019 from 20.00 - 23.00

 Acoustic Concert by a new generation of highly talented Thai artists including Rosalyn, Swedish starlet Jennifer Lackgren and singer-composer Naw Baybra from Myanmar Saturday 1 June 2019 from 12.00 onward

 Live performance by artist Gorda Lipman, and her work "The Flavour of Salt", Installation Art which alludes to the situation where fundamental human rights are left to rot and uncared for or being trampled on, and its impact on all human beings.


Saturday 1 June 2019 from 14.00-18.00

Movie screening and a talk on refugees through the film "Human Flow", an excellent documentary by Ai Weiwei, a world-renowned artist from China. The discussion will be led by; - Lalita Hanwong, lecturer from Department of History. Faculty of Social Sciences. Kasetsart University


- Pattana Chirawong, a documentary film maker and award-winning short film maker Facilitated by Thapanee Eadsrichai, news anchor from TV3



Sunday 2 June 2019 from 13.00 – 15.0

Freedom and Fluidity in Art Workshop led by Tada Hengsapkul, a professional contemporary artist who will encourage you to explore and experiment with using art as a means to convey your personal story in this censorship stricken world.


There will also be lots of other fun activities each day with a guided tour around the exhibition, music concerts, parties, live performances and members’ corner where you will be invited to get more engaged with Amnesty International. For more details of the schedule, please see




For more information, please contact


Naowarat Suesa-ard, Media and Communication Coordinator, Amnesty International Thailand Email:, Mobile: 089-922-9585 Line ID: nong539081