Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting 2022 (AGM 2022)

18 April 2022

Amnesty International

5 April 2022


Subject: Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting 2022 (AGM 2022)

Dear Amnesty International Thailand Member, 


2021 was a challenging year in human rights work. As we can see, rights infringements were happening all over the place. Throughout the previous year, Amnesty operated accordingly to the principles of human rights, and international covenants. We also has worked on policy advocacy, including campaigning on the rights issue. Because of the support that Amnesty Thailand has gained from board committee, staff, members, donors and supporter, we would like to thank you and send you an invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2022. The purposes of AGM are to let you, as our member, provide us feedback on our past works; to increase our working transparency and efficiency according to the organization’s global governance procedures; and to create opportunities for you to involve in the organization’s direction such as sharing and exchanging your ideas with Amnesty Thailand. This year, AGM will be held on Saturday 30 April 2022 from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (Thailand time) at the One Ballroom Ibis Ratchada Hotel 4th floor, Bangkok. 

In 2022, two board Members will be elected to replace the board member whose term expires, namely the position of board  - Wasin Pongkao and treasurer - Patcharee Phabua. These positions are very important in the operation of the organization and have done a great job throughout their term. This year, 4 members are running for election: 3 for the board position and 1 for the treasurer position. For these 4 applicants’ information, you can search on this website and Amnesty International Thailand’s Facebook page ( If you wish to vote by mail, you can do so by scanning the QR code below. 

I hope to receive your active collaboration and would like to thank you for always supporting human rights.


With appreciation,


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 Thitirat Thipsamritkul

Chairperson of Amnesty International Thailand



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