Growth and Brand Strategy Consultant


Amnesty International is a movement of more than 13 million people that mobilizes humanity in everyone and campaigns for change so that we can all enjoy our human rights. Last year alone in Asia, the movement reached over 2.6 million people through its Human Rights Education (HRE) programme. Over 60% of those reached were women and girls, and approximately 84% were young people.

Amnesty International was founded in 1961 to help people claim their rights worldwide. This was followed by the establishment of national entities across the globe. Amnesty International Thailand was established in 1993 and legally registered with the Thai Government ten years later in 2003 as an association.

Amnesty International Thailand is currently engaged in addressing issues related to human rights violations. Amnesty International Thailand requires the creation of a "Head of Fundraising" position within the organization to raise funds within Thailand. During the recruitment period, Amnesty International Thailand needs to implement strategies to generate revenue and gain supporters. Therefore, it is important for the team to have a strategy and clear direction on how to effectively raise funds and gather supporters. It is crucial to have a smart approach to communication and reach a wider audience. Amnesty International Thailand conducted a brand strategy in 2018. It is now time to review the brand, which will help gain broader support and a better understanding of our position and why we exist in Thai society. In this case, Amnesty International Thailand requires an external consultant or agency to support and advise on the production and development of a growth strategy to generate more revenue and gain supporters.



  • Amnesty International Thailand aims to have a robust fundraising strategy and implementation plan in place to generate targeted revenue and gain supporters.
  • Amnesty International Thailand aims to have an expert team to set up and run digital fundraising strategy effectively.
  • Team members of Amnesty International Thailand should understand and know how to effectively execute the strategies mentioned above.

Scope of the Assignment:

  • Conduct digital fundraising strategic plan for the growth of Amnesty International Thailand.
  • Develop a business plan for Amnesty International Thailand and having expertise help set up and running the strategic plan effectively.
  • Advise and execute with the team on effectively implementing the strategies into action.


  • The Consultant will be expected to be self-motivated and able to work independently. Supervision and support will be provided by Amnesty International Thailand.
  • The Consultant will report directly to the Director of Amnesty International Thailand.

Payment Terms:

  • Payment will be settled instalments and based on agreement between agency and AI Thailand.


The proposed assignment is scheduled to commence on Jul 1st, 2023, and end by Oct 2023.

Submission of Proposals:

Interested candidates who fully meet the above criteria are invited to send their applications via email to (

Please include the following:

    •    An updated company profile and/or curriculum vitae (with references).

    •    A cover letter indicating interest and past experiences from similar projects.

    •    Applications are to be submitted on or before Jun 9, 2023, by 5:00 p.m.