Senior Activism and Human Rights Education Officer

Job Title: Senior Activism and Human Rights Education Officer

Department: Campaign

Job Family: Program

Reports to: Campaign Manager

Job Grade: BG-9

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Direct Reports: Activism and HRE Officer 1 people, HRE officer 1 people, Organisation and Mobilisation officer 1 people, and Partner Organisation


Job Role

Role Overview:

The Senior Activism and HRE Officer leads and manages the Activism, Youth, and Human Rights Education program at Amnesty International Thailand (AITH). This role is responsible for developing, managing, supporting, and delivering key projects involving research, development, and the delivery of activism and public engagement. Responsibilities include assessment the impact of activism, formulating standards, guidelines, and tools for campaigning and activism (with active participation from rights holders), as well as leading or advising on the development and implementation of activism strategies.

The Senior Activism and HRE Officer also provides campaign training and other capacity-building initiatives for AITH. Utilizing the Human Rights Education (HRE) program as the primary tool, this role strengthens the knowledge and understanding of human rights among activists, volunteers, members, and stakeholders.



Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

Campaign and Activism 

Key Activities

  • Lead the development of strategies to improve effective activism for AI campaigns and coordinate the implementation of these strategies with the Campaign Team.
  • Monitor and analyze political and civil society developments within Thailand related to activism and youth mobilization for campaigning and provide recommendations for campaign development and actions.
  • Lead development, and delivery of effective activism techniques based on an analysis of current trends in activism, social change, and public engagement.
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure active participation of activists, including young people and rights holders, in campaign planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Contribute to the organization, coordination, and implementation of global actions for AI activism and provide strategic advice to colleagues across the movement on development and use of appropriate activism strategies, techniques, and materials.
  • Contribute to the planning, implementation, evaluation, and impact assessment of global/tactical campaigns and campaigning projects; and participate in fieldwork to develop and deliver effective activism and campaigning strategies.
  • Manage work plans and budget of the Unit to ensure that projects are delivered within agreed timelines and budget.
  • Plan, manage, implement, and measure success of the full cycle of Activism, Youth and HRE Programme both online and offline.
  • Create a system and produce content to support, providing techniques, knowledge, and skills for activists, youth, educator, and students to take action.
  • Manage the database for activism, youth, HRE and volunteers by coordinating with the Growth Mobilization team.

Human Rights Education

Key Activities

  • Lead the development of strategies to improve effective human rights education for AI campaigns and coordinate the implementation of these strategies with the Campaign Team.
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure active participation of stakeholders, including young people and multiplier to achieve human rights culture.
  • Plan and oversee human rights education projects, including classes, for specific group, ensuring impactful learning experience.
  • Contribute to the organization, coordination, and implementation of regional and global strategy for AI Human rights education.
  • Manage work plans and budget of the Unit to ensure that projects are delivered within agreed timelines and budget.
  • Lead the creation of guidelines, and learning materials related to strategic campaigning, and broader human rights education issues.
  • Lead in expanding of network in human rights education to create a long-term systematic change

Contribution to critical pathway

Key Activities

  • Develop a comprehensive support journey for activists, youths, and interested groups, collaborating with the Growth Department to deepen levels of engagement and foster networking among various stakeholders.
  • Oversee documentation and achievement of campaign materials and resources.
  • Contribute to the development movement-wide strategies and plans for activism and campaigning within AITH; provide input into internal discussions on AI’s mission, policy, and organizational matters to enhance the overall effectiveness of AI’s work; and contribute to the nationwide development of AI's campaigning initiatives.
  • Support in planning, and provide critical analysis in campaign and organisation’s strategy


Key Relationships to Reach Solutions

Internal (to Amnesty or team)

  • Campaign team
  • PR and Communication team
  • Growth Mobilization team


  • Activists
  • Organizing communities
  • Educators
  • International Secretariat


Person Specification

Education & certifications

  • Bachelor's degree, preferably in political science, development studies, communications, media journalism, and other related discipline.

Essential experience

  • Experience in grassroot movement, movement building, organisation and mobilisation of the mass
  • Experience leading the development, coordination, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of campaigning strategies at the national level.
  • Experience in scheduling, planning, and simultaneously managing multiple projects involving a diverse range of people and activities across various teams.
  • Direct experience in coordinating campaigning networks, organizing campaign events, providing advice and support to activists (including young people) in the development of the activism; experience in training and capacity building in campaigning.

Essential knowledge

  • Robust knowledge in Human rights and social movement
  • Strong understanding of project management principles and a systematic approach to organizational work, including knowledge of participatory approaches, methodologies, and tools in campaigning and collaboration with others, especially young people.
  • Sound understanding of the essential principles and ethics of campaigning.
  • Sound understanding of the implications of developing campaigning and activism strategies for implementation by membership in various countries. 

Essential skills and abilities

  • Team management and leadership skills.
  • Proven communication and influencing skills.
  • Strong empathetic listening skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and native / national language.
  • Priority management skill to manage time and conflicting demands.
  • Budget management skill.
  • Strong facilitation and support skill to enhance the effectiveness of campaigns, with expertise in delivering training sessions to meet campaign objectives.
  • Ability to assess and comprehend the various factors, conditions, and dynamics that influence a given situation or environment related to human rights and social justice, whether on a global scale or within a specific Thai context.
  • Ability to take initiatives.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

Personal attributes and qualities

  • Being a committed, mature, and decisive self-starter with high level of integrity.
  • Being detail- and goal-oriented.
  • Being sensitive to different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Having an interest and concern in campaigning for human rights displayed through professional or voluntary activities.


This Job Description covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs.

It is part of every staff member's responsibility to contribute to AITH and the mission and comply to its values, which are: Mutual respect, Equity and justice, Honesty and transparency, Solidarity with the poor, Courage of conviction, Independence, Humility


* Please submit your CV and cover letter (both in English) to by 23 June 2024