Policy Advocacy Officer

Job Title: Policy Advocacy Officer

Department: Campaign

Reports to: Senior Policy Advocacy Officer 

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Job Purpose

Role Overview:

To provide law and policy advice, training, and guidance to Amnesty International Thailand including Campaign Team, and across the movement, with a particular focus Amnesty’s goals and objective; to contribute to the further development of the organisation’s policies on a wide range of human rights issues, in particular Amnesty’s flagship campaigns and strategic goals (rights to freedom of expression, assembly, and association); to monitor developments at national and international governmental organisations and in other relevant forums relevant to human rights standards, policies and practices, such as those pertaining to the aforementioned areas, and identify opportunities for pro-active engagement in collaboration with the relevant Amnesty International Programmes; to support the organisation’s strategic documentation and human rights analysis. Depending on the post-holder’s background and experience, the position will be one of Policy Advocacy Officer



Key Accountabilities/ Responsibilities:  

  • Implement and assist Senior Policy Advocacy Officer  

  • Collect and manage information for further analysis 

  • Coordinate with other officers and department within Amnesty Thailand, regional offices, and global movement 

  • Monitor and analyse human rights situation 

  • Closely monitor human rights situation on Amnesty’s strategic campaigns, and rapid responds 

Advocacy and Relations with key stakeholders.

  • Implement and assist in advocacy meetings with politicians, government officials, diplomats and related international / national organizations  

  • Implement and follow up with global human rights mechanisms and variants regional Human Rights mechanisms   

  • Engage and implement in consultation meetings and work in partnership with lawyers, activists, civil society groups and experts.  


  • Provide policy advice and analysis to Senior Policy Advocacy Officer, Campaign Manager, and other stakeholders  

  • Develop of policy positions (in line with HR policy of AI) to support our strategic priorities in collaboration with stakeholders  

  • Work in close collaboration with other departments; explaining policies of AI and partner organizations / coalitions in which AITH works, for the benefit of AITH members, activists, board members, other staff   

  • Analyse human rights situation, discuss and update to assist with Senior Policy Advocacy Officer, and follow up and review statement, Urgent Action if needed.  

  • Work in close collaboration and communication with the International Secretariat including research and law & policy department, campaign department, and communication department 

  • Instigating discussion, formulating the Amnesty Thailand policy position, and formulating opinion on motions for the Global Assembly.   

Research and monitor on policy. 

  • Monitor and document human rights developments and case studies and produce advocacy materials, reports and briefings  

  • Monitor state laws, regulations and policies related to AI Human Rights themes.  

  • Gather information and provide regular updates to the International Secretariat on the Thai human rights situation.  

  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of policy and advocacy activities.  


Key Relationships to reach solutions

Internal (to Amnesty or team) 

  • Senior Policies and Advocacy 

  • Campaign Manager  

  • Campaign team  

  • Communication team  

  • Growth Mobilization team  

  • Operational team


  • Rights holder  

  • Partners such as lawyers, activists, civil society groups and experts.  

  • Relevant government agencies  

  • Volunteers  

  • Supporters  

  • Members  


Person Specification

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, such as human rights, international development, social policy or equivalent knowledge gained in other ways. 

Essential Experience

  • Minimum 2 years’ work experience on policy and advocacy within an NGO, a UN agency, a government department, or other relevant institutions.   

Essential Knowledge 

  • Knowledge of human right in term of international and local policies.  

  • A good working knowledge of and experience in relevant policy, advocacy and/or research work   

Essential Skills

  • Strong analytical, conceptual and critical thinking skills  

  • Proven communication and influences skills  

  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Thai language 


  • Work on own initiative with minimum supervision and to stay on task  

  • Ability to formulate and apply coherent policies based on a detailed understanding of human rights principles and AI’s core values 

  • Strong advisory, advocacy and communication skills. 

  • Excellent ability to evaluate situations and issues in the short, medium and long term, set strategic goals in accordance with organisational priorities, monitor plans, and evaluate outcomes. 

  • Excellent ability to plan and prioritize work, including when under pressure, and to ensure deadlines are met. Work under pressure and tight deadlines 

  • Excellent ability to work collaboratively internally and externally with others, including with people from different backgrounds than the postholder 


  • A committed, mature and decisive self-starter with high level of integrity, detail focus  



Our organisational culture; which essentially represents how we behave, our working relationships and our ability to collaborate as a movement, underpins everything we do and is pivotal to the success of our impact. Our five behaviours form the basis of the type of culture we want to have in Amnesty:  

  • Accountable - I consistently strive to reach my goals in a thorough, timely way that I can be proud of, and I re-empower others to do the same. 

  • Considerate - I support my colleagues, and try to find out what motivates them to do their best, and what pressures they are under, so that I can consider this when we work together. 

  • Creative - I continuously look for new and creative solutions and encourage others’ ideas so that we can adapt and succeed in an ever-changing and uncertain global environment 

  • Decisive - I make sound judgements within my work so that a project or activity can progress with pace and confidence.  

  • Respectful - I treat my colleagues with equality and dignity, and assume they have integrity. I value the different perspectives of my colleagues as well as my own and show them that their contributions and expertise matter 



 Equality and diversity is at the core of our values and staff are expected to work collectively and individually to promote a constructive and sensitive approach to others from a variety of backgrounds, where the work of others is valued and respected.  



Public or other activity, affiliation to or support for any group or organisation, personal association or other factor which may generate a real or perceived conflict of interest with Amnesty International’s principles (specifically independence and impartiality), or raise a security concern, or otherwise prevent the candidate from carrying out key functions of the specific post and would therefore disqualify the candidate from being appointed. 


* Please submit your CV and cover letter (both in English) to admin@amnesty.or.th  by 31 July 2022  


Contact : admin@amnesty.or.th