Senior Activism and Human Rights Education Officer

Department: Campaign

Job Family: Programme 

Reports to: Campaign Supervisor

Grade: 13

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Role Overview:

Senior Activism and Human Rights Education Officer leads and is responsible for the management of Activism, Youth and Human Rights Education programme of Amnesty International Thailand. S/he is responsible to develop, manage, support and deliver key projects involving research, development and delivery of activism and public engagement, impact assessment of activism, development of standards, guidelines and tools on campaigning and activism (including the active participation of rights holders), and leads/advises on the development and implementation of activism strategies.

S/he provides campaign training and other capacity-building of Amnesty Thailand, using Human Rights Education (HRE) programme as the main tool to strengthen knowledge and understanding of human right for activists, volunteers, members, and stakeholders.



Key Accountabilities/ Responsibilities:

Campaign and Activism

  • Lead on the development of strategies to build effective activism for Amnesty International campaigns. Coordinate the implementation of these strategies with Campaign Team.
  • Monitor and analyse political, and civil society developments within Thailand to activism and youth mobilization for campaigning and make recommendations for campaign development and actions.
  • Lead on the research, development and delivery of effective activism techniques based on analysis of current trends in activism, social change and public engagement.
  • Working with team to ensure active participation of activists, including young people, and rights holders in campaign planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Working with Campaign Supervisor to lead on the design and delivery of capacity building programme in campaigning for Amnesty Thailand staff and others in the Amnesty International membership to increase the campaigning effectiveness of the Amnesty movement.
  • Contribute to the organization, coordination and implementation of global actions for Amnesty activism.
  • Provide professional and strategic advice to researchers, campaigners and other colleagues across the movement on development and use of appropriate campaign and activism strategies, techniques and materials, including timely actions to support agreed objectives.
  • Contribute to planning, implementation, evaluation and impact assessment of global/tactical campaigns and campaigning projects, including by participating in field work in order to develop and deliver effective activism and campaigning strategies.
  • Manage work plans and budget of the Unit in order to ensure that projects are delivered within agreed timelines and budget.
  • Plan, manage, implement and measure success of the full cycle of Activism, Youth and HRE Programme both online and offline.
  • Create a system and produce content in order to support, and to providing technique, knowledge and skills for activists and youth to take action.
  • Manage database for activism, youth, HRE and volunteers by coordinating with Growth department

Contribution to critical pathway

  • Create a supporting journey for activists, youths and interested groups that is cross-cutting with Growth Department in order to deepen level of engagement, and networking.
  • Contribute to the development of Amnesty Thailand and movement-wide strategies and plans for activism and campaigning. Input into internal discussions on Amnesty’s mission, policy, and organizational issues in order to increase the effectiveness of Amnesty’s work and contribute to the development of Amnesty's campaigning nationwide.

Human Rights Education

  • Organize HRE class for target group.
  • Create guidelines, policies, tools and materials related to strategic campaigning, effective activism and active participation.
  • Create space for youths, activists, or interested groups to plan and act for human rights impact


Education & Certifications

Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Human Rights Education, or development studies 


Essential Experience

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in leading the development of, and coordinating the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of campaigning strategies at national level; and sound understanding of essential principles and ethics of campaigning.
  • Solid understanding of principles of project management and a systematic approach to work in an organization; including experience of scheduling, planning and managing several projects at the same time and involving a wide range of people and activities across various teams; managing conflicting demands and meeting tight deadlines and managing budgets.
  • Sound understanding of the implications of developing campaigning and activism strategies for implementation by membership in many different countries and sensitivity to different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Direct experience of coordinating campaigning networks, organizing campaigning events, advising and supporting activists, including young people, in the development of the activism and training and capacity building in campaigning.


Essential Knowledge :

  • Ability to use participatory approaches, methodologies and tools in campaigning and when working with others including young people.
  • Experience or skills in facilitating and supporting others to achieve more effective campaigns, including delivering trainings in order to deliver on campaign objectives.
  • Interest and concern in campaigning for human rights displayed through professional or voluntary activities.


Essential Skills

  • Taking initiatives
  • Proven communication and influences skills
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and native / national language



  • Work on own initiative with minimum supervision and to stay on task
  • Work under pressure and tight deadlines



A committed, mature and decisive self-starter with high level of integrity, detail focus



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