Thailand Must Investigate the Murder Case of “Chaiphum Pa Sae” with Neutrality

31 March 2017

Amnesty keeps its stance and requests the Thai authority to investigate the murder case of Chaiphum Pa Sae with neutrality after there has been a report that Amnesty was not concerned about such issue. Amnesty International still maintains its stance claiming the Thai authority to investigate the case of “Chaiphum Pa Sae”, a Lahu young activist who was shot dead by a soldier on 17th March, independently and neutrally. In addition, Amnesty requests that those involved should be brought into the justice system if there is the violation of human rights of the witnesses and villagers, and Chaiphum’s family must be safe from any form of intimidation or threat. All of these requests are in accordance with the official statement given by Amnesty to the Thai authority on 21st March 2017 with details as follows: 1) to investigate independently and neutrally with a clear conclusion for the cause of murder, 2) to bring the people involved into the justice system in case of violation of human rights, 3) the investigation agency must be free from those related to this incident, 4) the witnesses, villagers and Chaiphum’s family must be free from any form of intimidation or threat, 5) the witnesses being controlled in prison must be released if found not guilty and during the wait of being released, they must have the right to meet their attorney, relatives, NHRC and other relevant agencies. Amnesty once again emphasizes its requests to be complied with by the Thai authority.