“The Promise”, a Film about Genocide Prepares to Give the Revenue to Amnesty

31 May 2017

The actors and actresses from “The Promise”, a film about genocide, revealed that it would give 100% of its revenue to Amnesty and other human rights organizations.

Christian Bale, the Armenian leading actress in the film about genocide, revealed that all of the revenue from this movie would be donated to human rights organizations which have been working hard for better societies around the world, including Amnesty International.


“One hundred percent of the revenue will be donated to the charity including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. We support front-line workers, and we want someone to be responsible for the genocide. It is necessary for the media to seek evidence and information. I hope that when people get to watch this film, they will have sympathy for refugees and gain more understanding about the hardship that the refugees are facing”, Christian Bale stated in his interview with the international media.


“The Promise” or “สัญญารัก สมรภูมิรบ” in Thai, is a historical-based love story directed by a talented director, George Terry. The movie tells a story about a newspaper photographer and a medical student who fell in love with the same woman, and the background of the movie was set during the Arminian Genocide lead by the Turkish army during 1915-1916 killing more than a million of people, while the Turkish government denied the term “genocide” and reported that there were only three hundred thousand dead victims.


Christian Bale revealed that this film was just a beginning of the major social campaign. The film was premiered at The Promise Institute for Human Rights at California State University, Los Angeles.


Eric Esrailian, the film producer, revealed that he hoped that this film would remind people of this genocide and it was good that Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations had given good assistance and support for the making of The Promise.


The Promise will be premiered in Thailand on 1st June at general cinemas.