Amnesty Submits a Letter Giving Mangoes and Claiming the Philippines to Cease Extrajudicial Killings in Drug War

25 April 2010

Amnesty Thailand activists gathered in front of the Embassy of Philippines claiming the Philippines to stop illegal murder or “extrajudicial execution” and terminate the investigation on other human rights cases in the drug war which have killed more than 7,000 individuals.

Amnesty Thailand activists gathered in front of the Embassy of Philippines in order to submit a letter to the Philippines expressing concern regarding human rights violation during the “drug suppression war” causing more than 7,000 individuals to lose their life. Two of the activists were dressed as Miss Philippines and Miss Thailand, and some were dressed in Philippines national costumes carrying signs claiming for cessation of extrajudicial killings since it is not the solution for drug problem.

In the gathering, mangoes, which are well-known fruit of both countries bearing the sticker read #StopTheKillings, were distributed to the mass media as the medium to send out messages and to the police officers.




Mrs. Piyanuch Kotsan, Director of Amnesty International Thailand, gave information in addition to that in the report saying, “If you are poor, you are killed in the extrajudicial executions in the Philippines War on Drugs”, published on 31st January 2016. It was reported that more than 7,000 individuals had lost their life. According to the verification, it was the extrajudicial execution – in other words, illegal murder, which was directed by the government or with the conspiracy and consent from the government. Most of the victims were men from poor communities in the urban zone. Such action has dramatically affected children, as some of them were killed by the crossfire during the police operation or some of them were traumatized as a result of loss of parents or relatives.



According to the witnesses,“there is dramatic and horrifying violation of human rights from the War on Drugs”. Amnesty International has, therefor, requested the Minister of Justice of the Philippines to take clear actions against the officers who enforce the law in the Philippines by stating that extrajudicial execution are unacceptable and strictly prohibited in all circumstances and to proceed with the investigation into the executions in the War on Drugs in a timely and effective manner without bias, especially the killings directed by the law enforcement officers, as well as pressing criminal charges, with sufficient evidence, on those responsible for the violation of human rights and extrajudicial executions by the police officer.


Republic of the Philippines would hold the 30th ASEAN Summit and Related Meetings in Pasay, Republic of the Philippines during 26-29 April 2017, and Amnesty International in each country would submit the letter to the Embassy of Philippines during that time.