“Refugees: Time to End Distancing”

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, refugees in Thailand struggle with new restrictions and challenges—from heightened xenophobic, increased threats of arrest and detention, and fewer opportunities to access livelihoods, humanitarian relief, and other forms of support. As the COVID-19 pandemic moves into its fourth month, more discussion is needed to understand the unique situation of refugees in Thailand and identify potential solutions. Every Wednesday in July, starting on July 1, we will be exploring a new topic on refugees in Thailand in the age of COVID.  


Wednesday, July 1: Thailand and Refugees: Do Thais Understand?

Thailand has a long history of hosting refugee populations, but many Thais know very little about refugees or their situation. During this week, panelists will discuss what it means to be a refugee, the international definition of a refugee, and the situation of refugees in Thailand, including protection challenges and potential solutions.

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Wednesday, July 8: Will Thailand’s New Legislation to Screen Refugees Protect Refugees?

In 24 December 2019, Thailand’s Prime Minister's Office passed a regulation to establish a national screening mechanism to identify and recognize refugees. The government is expected initiate its implementation this year. During this week, panelists will discuss the status of the government’s implementation plans, how this mechanism may benefit both refugees and Thais, and what more is needed.

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Wednesday, July 15: 30 Years of Uncertainty: Myanmar Refugees Living on the Thailand-Myanmar Border

For more than three decades, tens of thousands of refugees from Myanmar have lived in “temporary shelters” along the Thailand-Myanmar border. Nine camps continue to shelter more than 90,000 refugees. During this week, panelists will discuss the situation of this protracted refugee population and potential solutions for their future.

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Wednesday, July 22: Rohingya Refugees with (No) Way Out

Ethnic Rohingya from Myanmar comprise one of the largest refugee communities in Southeast Asia. Having fled genocide and protracted persecution in Myanmar, Rohingya refugees continue to arrive in Thailand—by sea and by land—often in transit to Malaysia and, in some cases, in the hands of human traffickers. During this week, panelists will discuss the treatment and status of Rohingya in Thailand, their routes of travel, and continuing protection challenges.

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Wednesday, July 29: Rights of Refugees under the Lens of 'The Others'

Refugees face various threats in Thailand—threats from xenophobic attacks, the threat of arrest and detention, and the threat of being forcibly returned to their home country where they fear persecution. During this week, panelists will discuss the situation of refugees in detention, international mechanisms to protect refugees, and the the “othering” of refugees.

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