A Letter to Aung San Suu Kyi 

23 June 2016



Rohingya Thailand Group published an open letter to Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor and Union Minister for Foreign Affairs of Myanmr, In accordance with her Thailand's visit. The letter raise concern on Rohingya persecution and human rights violation in Mynmar, despite its press conference was previously barred from the Thai authority. 

It is  an honor  for me that I get a chance as a speaker here in this conference. Thanks to all: the  sponsors of the conference. 


          This conference  dedication is on Rohingya issue in Myanmar. Rohingya crisis is not an accidental  but  well planned , well  orchestrated  crisis created by Myanmar governments. The main architect of this crisis was U Nay Win. He began to erase and destroy  all evidences  and historical  edifies  related to Rohingya. National registration card issuance  were restricted. Rohingya  language  in the nationality language program of  BBS was stopped. SLOC and SPDC governments had  systematically  seized away Rohingyas’ NRC’s replace them  with TRC’s (White Card). Former  Immigration Minister U  Khin Yi  stated that there were seven hundred thousand  TRCs  holders  in  Rakhine  state. U Thein Sein government had  disenfranchised  all  white card holders. Thus  Rohingya were excluded in 2015 election .


          Here the most important fact to reckon is  this Rohingya  had had  the rights to take part in all parliamentary election from British time to 2010 election. So it is a strange paradox that they were denied that rights in so called present day democracy election.


          There were UN resolutions to recognize   Rohingya  identity and full citizenship. US congress  had many times passed the same resolutions.  In many capital of the world there are conferences participated by human rights groups, academics ,artists, journalists, philanthropists, noble laureates , to highlight the serious and  grievous  situation of Rohingya. This all conferences,   portrayed   the present persecution of Rohingya may  lead to genocide.


          President  Obama, in 2012  explained to his audience in Yangon that Rohingya has the same dignity as you and us. No one has the rights to loot  to kill them  and destroy their houses . Similarly on 1st  August 2013, his Excellency , Hon. John  Bercow, the speaker of British common house at Yangon University Diamond hall  explained “ why we must not call  Rohingya  Bangali” because it is genocidal and racial .


He also urges  Myanmar government to revise 1982 citizenship law  to bring it in line with international human rights norms. In 2014, ASEAN summit  UN Secretary general Bankimoon  replied to a question the world call them  Rohingya, all UN agencies call them  Rohingya. So , I should call them Rohingya too.


          Adama Dieng , a special adviser  to UN secretary general on the prevention of genocide said  in  Addis Ababa, during a UN meeting “ it was our hope that  the new administration  address the issue of discrimination against Rohingya. Instead they have continued to be denied their identity. If it is not halted  it could  lead to a genocide.”


          Again in Geneva , Human rights council  thirty second annual conference in last of june, UN special representative Maina Kiai stated  Rohingya  are still being persecuted and it may lead to genocide.


          Despite all this our present government and the state counselor are going to choose the path of former military rulers  whose main objective was to make Rohingya state less, at the most   to give some naturalized  citizenship. Our democratic state leaders now denying our  identity and citizenship just to appease their co-religionists and extremists  in Rakhine state. This anti Rohingya  campaign is going on domestically as well as internally. All our hopes in the leadership of democratic statemen  faded away . Indeed we did not hope  this sort of  harsh  and negative political stance and undemocratic ,rhetoric from our  noble peace laureate .


          We are highly frustrated. 1.5 million Rohingyas are in strict confinement in Rakhine sate  for the last four years .There  future is  nothing  but  degenerative uncertainty. So, our appeal to the world communities and all the participants here in this conference is to rescue us from the grasp of Myanmar racists tyrants: old and new.


          Thank You all.


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