The group membership must be composed of at least 5 persons and registers its organization with board of trustees or the staffers. A member is required to pay a fee at the rate fixed at the AGM by the board of trustees at 1,000 baht per year. The group engages in actions, distribution of materials, recruiting members, and fundraising. Such implementation has to be made in compliance with the Bylaws and concerned regulations of Amnesty International Thailand (AITH) and shall not violate the objectives, principles and methods adopted by Amnesty International.
As a member of an Amnesty International Thailand, you have the opportunity to actively defend human rights. Your support counts.
In order to keep contact details up-to-date, we ask that Group member to re-register each year. Please fill in this form and send to Growth Mobilization Department so that we can offer you the best possible assistance in the coming year.



Easily pay and renew the membership fee by scanning the QR Code below. Please send your transaction slip to for our record. 






Or you can pay the group membership fee (1,000THB/Year) by bank transfer to the following account:
Name of account holder: Amnesty International Thailand
Bank: Kasikorn
Account number: 752-2-37869-5


If you require further information or assistance please contact



Download the application form